BRB 5-Day Challenge Kit

BRB 5-Day Challenge Kit

Hey, our next Challenge starts soon, and you are going to want to have this kit so you can be part of the fun!  


In our 5-Day Challenge, I will be live twice a day sharing about each of the 5 products in this kit and showing you how to get the greatest benefit in the least amount of time!  


If you are new to goat milk products, or new to Big Red Barn products specifically,or if you are overwhelmed by options, THIS IS WHERE YOU START!   This is how you give goat milk products a try and see how they work and if they will be a benefit to you and whatever skin issue you may be facing.  


Plus, we have a ton of fun in these challenges!  I love getting to know you and helping you get some quick wins with our products!  And, if you want to continue the fun, our subscription boxes will be available at the end of the challenge.  No need to miss out or run out or have to be constantly reordering...our subscription boxes come every month to keep you stocked with your favorite products! 


So grab a 5-Day Challenge Kits and join the fun!  Or, grab one for you and one for a friend!  Can't wait to see you both in our next 5-Day Challenge!









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