Goat Milk Soap - Big Red Barn

Goat Milk Soap - Big Red Barn

Here it is, BRB's flagship product, Goat Milk Soap!  

Have you ever wished for a bath product that didn't leave your skin feeling like it shrunk a couple sizes? 


Well, my friend, you have found it! 


With 1 oz of real, raw goat milk in every bar, Big Red Barn goat milk soap leaves your skin feel lightly moisturized after every use... hands, face, or whole body!  Clean skin that is hydrated and healthy!  And chemical free! 


Ingredients for each soap are listed in the photos.  Notice how few there are... :)  We strive for bars that are 3.5-4.0 oz (variation due to each bars unique shape and dry time), also listed on the labels in the photos. 


Thanks for shopping BRB!  We look forward to getting some "from our barn" goat milk products into your hands! 

  • Problems with my order?

    Please message me if you have problems with your order.  I am happy to help correct any issues you may have!

  • What's in this?

    BRB goat milk soaps contain: Coconut, Olive, and Palm oils, raw goat milk, and lye.  May also contain scents and colorants.  Complete ingredients list found in the photo of each soap. 


  • When will this ship?

    BRB ships daily, M-F, and happy to process you order within 3 days, possibly sooner, or possibly later because life... also holidays get in the way sometimes...