Big Red Barn Soapmaking Course

Big Red Barn Soapmaking Course

Have you always wanted to give soapmaking a try?  Scared about the process and what weird, exotic supplies you might need?  Nervous to venture out and try soapmaking on your own?  


Not anymore!  


Join Big Red Barn's own Shanna De Hoogh as she guides you in making your first batch of soap!  Recipes, ingredients, supplies, safety precautions... it's all in there!  Plus, she makes the batch of soap in REAL TIME, so you can literally make your batch of soap right along with her!  No needing to memorize processes, no chance of forgetting a critical step!  PLUS, every ingredient is easy to get (links provided to order if you want), and all equipment is stuff you have in your kitchen!  How easy is that!  


Soapmaking made super easy and easy to understand!  Shanna loves teaching people about soap and soapmaking, and we are sure you will enjoy your journey as she guides you in your very first soap making endeavors!   Happy soaping!